Chloe is back, and what can I say other than “Yeah, Baby, Yeah!”, in the great words of the famous spy :)

Seriously now, Chloe was just photographed again by Abby Winters’ staff, and this time this sexy redhead does a lot more than showing us her nude body… In this set, Chloe goes all the way, having sex with another girl in front of the camera, in what I personally consider to be one of the hottest and most passionate shoots ever seen on the Abby Winters site. There is lots of kissing and nipple sucking, but that lasts only a few minutes, long enough to get these girls running hot, and then they move south, but to my sweet surprise, not only do they lick each other dry and sink their tongues into each others’ vaginas, but they actually shove fingers and hands in there too! I’ve always said that no matter how much a girl may be enjoying a licking, she needs some intercourse, and Chloe has just proved my point, by getting her girlfriend Violet moaning loudly when she shoves her whole hand into that gal’s meaty hole!

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Abby Winters has overdone herself with this new set where five (yes, you read it right: five!) of her sexiest models team up to give us a performance like we’ve never seen before in Abby’s site! I’m not sure what’s going on, or if the girl/girl section in will become more hardcore-like than it’s been in the past, but having these five chicks caressing each other certainly looks like a step in that direction!

In this set, Cleo, Sue Ann, Dominica, Indiana and Angie are the lucky participants in the action… I was going to say “in this lesbian orgy”, but I’m not sure if that is the right term to use, since these girls touch each other, kiss, play around naked, and have just a bit of lesbian sex per se, so it’s not exactly an orgy, but heck, it’s not too far from it either!

Anyway, these hotties get together at a Laundromat and take their clothes off to wash them, but seeing each other naked is too much for them to resist and they quickly begin exploring one another with fingers and tongues. Lots of girl-swapping, two-on-one and tons of lesbian group action await you in this set. There are more than 30 minutes of video, and I gotta tell you… you will love every second of it!

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I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that I am nuts about amateur girls of Abby Winters having sex with each other. Of course, I don’t mean lesbian girls, instead my fetish (if that’s what I am to call it) involves straight gals enjoying the wonders and delights of lesbian sex for the first time. And what better way to illustrate what I’m talking about, than featuring Jamie Lee and Julia?

I’m confident that even if you’re not a young lesbians aficionado, you’ll become one as soon as you watch these curvy hotties eating each other’s private parts and reaching one explosive orgasm after the other. The action starts with Jamie Lee teasing Julia and kissing her gently, something that only lasts for a few minutes, since as soon as their bodily fluids begin to flow, things happen rapidly, and these girls end up being anything but gentle… they’re not exactly rough, but they seem so desperate to please and be pleased that gentleness is the last thing on their minds! Check it out, and see for yourself how these girls go nuts over each other!

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First off, let me mention that neither Patience nor Nadine are new at the whole eating another girl’s vagina deal. We’ve seen them both several times inside Abby Winters enjoying a pink taco lunch before. But this is the first time that they have sex with each other, and this is definitely one set of photos and videos that you just can’t miss. If you are like me and prefer your girls with certain degree of experience, knowing what to do in bed and how to drive their partners to a raging orgasm, then you will fall head over heels for Patience and Nadine.

During their encounter there is plenty of clit rubbing and nibbling, labia licking and my very favorite: crotch spreading revealing all their pink insides, topping it all off with some deep tongue insertions. But hey, let me not reveal it all… how about you click here and download their videos? I give you my word you will love them!

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abby winters annette lacey

Annette and Lacey are a couple of fair skinned voluptuous young ladies that recently graced the Abby Winters’ website. Before I go any further, I want to level with you: these girls are not your typical anorexic looking American girls. Instead, they are healthy-looking, curvy All Australian chicks. By that I mean that they have some meat on their bones, a fact that greatly contributes to their vaginal lips being quite plump themselves. Given this, I’m sure you won’t mind a few extra pounds here and there 

But, going back to the heart of the matter: in this video and photo set, Annette and Lacey put on a great display of girl-girl love, and they are certainly not shy about enjoying each other in front of the camera. They videos together include a tremendous amount of crotch area touching and fingering, and in response to such stimulation, they reward each other with abundant quantities of vaginal juices. At some point the camera gets very close to the action and you can see these juices almost flowing out of them! That’s something that you just don’t see everyday, so I really recommend that you head over to their profile page and at least check out more of their encounter (their sample pictures are free, so don’t miss out on them!)

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abby winters alex nadine

Sometimes it is hard to find a natural redheaded girl who also keeps certain body parts completely au naturel, if you know what mean. And that is the case of Alex T, a fiery redhead who has the right proportion of freckles and body hair, combined with a softly curvy physique.

This is not the first time that Alex T appears in Abby Winters’ website. She was actually featured a few months ago on a solo photo set. But lucky for us, after posing for Abby Winters’ lens, Nadine decided to go “all the way” and have a taste of another girl. And who better to taste than adorably cute blonde Nadine? Whoever paired Alex with Nadine was a genius! The way these girls kiss and caress during their video sessions comes out so effortless and passionately that you have to wonder how much they had been wanting each other before finally getting together.

Although being quite different physically, there are certain similarities between Alex and Nadine that make them perfect for each other. They are both 18 years old and seem to have the same mating style. They both love long wet kisses and seem to love giving and receiving oral pleasure in turns. Need I say anymore? Definitely not! So, how come you’re still reading this, instead of downloading this gem of a video? Go ahead!

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abby winters annette greta

We all know that even consummated lesbians need more than just oral stimulation and crave some vaginal penetration from time to time. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that heterosexual and even bisexual girls who are having lesbian sex feel the urge to have something shoved into their love holes. That is the case of Annette P and Greta, a couple of youthful amateurs that were featured in the girl-girl section of Abby Winters a few days back.

This is the first time in her life that Annette has been pleasured by another girl, and although she is a little shy at first, and lets Greta do most of the work to begin with, it is obvious that she is enjoying the experience intensely. And when Greta lays on her, and inserts her fingers inside Annette’s vagina, the look on Annette’s face is worth a thousand words. And definitely, watching Greta pulls her wet fingers out of Annette, is a memory you will treasure for years to come.

If you’ve never seen a girl having lesbian sex for the first time, you have to watch the videos of Annette and Greta, they’re priceless!

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abby winters vanessa christiana

Christiana and Vanessa are not a new couple to the Abby Winters site. In fact, it has been almost one year since we saw them gracing its pages. But no matter how long it’s been since they posed for this remarkable occasion, their photoshoot is still unforgettable. They enjoyed their time together just chatting and playing around while getting ready to be photographed, and when they finally came together, it was like an explosion of desire. Their lovemaking was passionate and intense like I’ve seen only a handful of girls do.

For those of you who still haven’t enjoyed these images and accompanying video of Christiana and Vanessa, I’d like to recommend that once you are inside, go look for them. What was caught by the camera lens that day, is not your run of the mill lesbian encounter… It actually has the promise of lasting love, hot passion, and unbridled lust. And, let’s face it, it’s so much fun to watch two girls laughing while they caress each other!

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abby winters chloe pheonix

Abby Winters was right on when she named this photoset “Pretty Girls”, because Chloe and Phoenix are exactly that: pretty. With their flowing blonde manes and their youthful looks, these girls are a sight for sore eyes. I’m sure that you will simply love watching the photos and video of them that Abby Winters has just posted on her site, where these beautiful girls caress and please each other with tongues and fingers. What’s more, Chloe and Phoenix are so passionate and enjoy their time together so much, that I dare say that this is one of the best girl-girl sets that has. What really caught my eye about them is how fast they get the heat on. I mean, as soon as these chicks see each other, they jump their bones!

Now, before you watch Chloe and Phoenix’s video, I’d like to recommend that you turn your computer’s volume up (as long as you’re not at work, of course!), and listen to all the moaning and sighing going on. It will make your body hair stand up! Mostly when Chloe finally cums. Darn, what a noisy girl! Just her screaming is enough to give even the coldest-blooded man a raging boner! – LoL

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Wow, I can’t believe that it is already the second week of September and I have only updated Abby Winters Girl Girl one this month. Where on earth does the time go? Well, unfortunately, I do not have a lot of time right now but let me at least post a quick update. Thankfully this the video and pics speak for themselves and there is not much I need to say. The super sexy blonde duo of Hayden and Masie have been on the Abby Winters website before but this is the first time they have been paired together. It is an intense pairing as both these gals know the ways of the female body and are eager to share their expertise with each other!

This shoot has 315 pics and full length video:
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