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Sometimes it is hard to find a natural redheaded girl who also keeps certain body parts completely au naturel, if you know what mean. And that is the case of Alex T, a fiery redhead who has the right proportion of freckles and body hair, combined with a softly curvy physique.

This is not the first time that Alex T appears in Abby Winters’ website. She was actually featured a few months ago on a solo photo set. But lucky for us, after posing for Abby Winters’ lens, Nadine decided to go “all the way” and have a taste of another girl. And who better to taste than adorably cute blonde Nadine? Whoever paired Alex with Nadine was a genius! The way these girls kiss and caress during their video sessions comes out so effortless and passionately that you have to wonder how much they had been wanting each other before finally getting together.

Although being quite different physically, there are certain similarities between Alex and Nadine that make them perfect for each other. They are both 18 years old and seem to have the same mating style. They both love long wet kisses and seem to love giving and receiving oral pleasure in turns. Need I say anymore? Definitely not! So, how come you’re still reading this, instead of downloading this gem of a video? Go ahead!

This shoot has 162 pics and 35 minutes of video:
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