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Of course when the team at abby winters paired Kara and Zasha you know that the chemistry would be amazing as the women booth exude sensuality and sexuality in their own special ways. Rather than me blather on about how hot the video from the shoot (it is HOT) I thought it might be fun for me to let you know what the women wrote about their time together at abby winters.

Here is what Kara said,

“Hello! Wow this shoot turned out so sexy! I loved the location we did it in, was a strange but pretty house. Zasha is such a sexy woman, i felt lucky to do a T3 with her, and my was it fun! She also showed me how awesome moisturizer makes your legs look, a very useful tip. I hope you all really enjoyed it.”

and here is what Zasha said,

“muahhahahaha…. i was there and let me just tell you that this was one INTENSE session!!! Kara is one wild chick and so sexy and sensual. The feature wall and mirror just added to the mood. I can’t wait til you guys see it, I just know you will all LOVE IT!!! Not as much as Kara and I though hehehehe….”

Now what more needs to be said? Click here now and check out how hot and intense this pairing is for yourself!

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