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Although a lot of people (me included) enjoy watching a blonde and a brunette having lesbian sex, I gotta admit that there is something quite special about watching two blonde girls kiss and make out in bed on Abby Winters. Just take a look at Nadine and Tiff, these Melbourne-born all-amateur gals, and you’ll realize what I’m talking about right away. The way their fair skins match each other, how their tresses come together as their faces get close and their lips kiss is almost magical…

And wait until you watch their video… The girl-on-girl action is simply unstoppable! Nadine is quite aggressive at first, like a girl that knows what she wants and is out to get it. I mean, she really gets Tiff’s juices flowing in a matter of seconds, without even going down on her! There is a scene where Nadine grabs Tiff’s big natural breasts in her hands, stares at them, and then shoves both nipples in her mouth, that is out of this world. As I said, that’s before she goes “south”… now, use your imaginations and picture all the fingering, licking and nibbling that goes on between these two!

This shoot has 225 pics and 45 minutes of video:
Read the women’s notes as well as the thoughts of Abby Winters

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