Abby Winters has overdone herself with this new set where five (yes, you read it right: five!) of her sexiest models team up to give us a performance like we’ve never seen before in Abby’s site! I’m not sure what’s going on, or if the girl/girl section in will become more hardcore-like than it’s been in the past, but having these five chicks caressing each other certainly looks like a step in that direction!

In this set, Cleo, Sue Ann, Dominica, Indiana and Angie are the lucky participants in the action… I was going to say “in this lesbian orgy”, but I’m not sure if that is the right term to use, since these girls touch each other, kiss, play around naked, and have just a bit of lesbian sex per se, so it’s not exactly an orgy, but heck, it’s not too far from it either!

Anyway, these hotties get together at a Laundromat and take their clothes off to wash them, but seeing each other naked is too much for them to resist and they quickly begin exploring one another with fingers and tongues. Lots of girl-swapping, two-on-one and tons of lesbian group action await you in this set. There are more than 30 minutes of video, and I gotta tell you… you will love every second of it!

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I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that I am nuts about amateur girls of Abby Winters having sex with each other. Of course, I don’t mean lesbian girls, instead my fetish (if that’s what I am to call it) involves straight gals enjoying the wonders and delights of lesbian sex for the first time. And what better way to illustrate what I’m talking about, than featuring Jamie Lee and Julia?

I’m confident that even if you’re not a young lesbians aficionado, you’ll become one as soon as you watch these curvy hotties eating each other’s private parts and reaching one explosive orgasm after the other. The action starts with Jamie Lee teasing Julia and kissing her gently, something that only lasts for a few minutes, since as soon as their bodily fluids begin to flow, things happen rapidly, and these girls end up being anything but gentle… they’re not exactly rough, but they seem so desperate to please and be pleased that gentleness is the last thing on their minds! Check it out, and see for yourself how these girls go nuts over each other!

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abby winters window washing

Good lord, How on earth did the crew at Abby Winters know that I have a super duper sized love for girls bummies? I mean don’t get me wrong. Sure I like beautiful faces, fun suckable boobies and a yummy vajayjay too but good lord nothing turns me on faster that hugging and squeezing and holding a girls bottom. And well damn, I could say so many things about this super sexy window washing girls shoot that abby winters team put together but all I really want to do is see if I can get a poster size version of the amazing bummies in the picture above!!!

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Spring is in the air here where I am in North America and I think it would be the perfect time to enjoy a lazy Saturday afternoon having a picnic followed by some naked frolicing and romping around with a couple of cuties like sian and jocelyn did in this set from abby winters. That is why I picked it despite it being an older set being shoot back in 2005. Luckily though with abby winters now online for over 10 years there are always great fun sexy shoots to explore whatever my mood at the time.

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abby-winters-nude-naked areobics

OMFG…. I simply do not know what I can say about this abby winters shoot that the above picture doesn’t convey perfectly. I mean come on boys and girls. This type of shoot is what makes abby winters one of the best websites in the world. What other site could put together a shoot of nineteen of the most beautiful girls next door getting sweaty and naked in a hot erotic workout out session? None… no one… sure I have seen some sites with erotic shoots of 4 or 5 models but never 19. And those sites that have 4 or 5 models in a shoot always have lame boring plastic porn star type women… not the gorgeous girls next door of all sizes shapes and colors that you find on abby winters. So click the link now my friends and I promise these Step Areobic Girls with raise your pulse and if you have a pulse they will probably raise a tent in your shorts as well!!!!

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Carly and Silvie have both been on the Abby Winters website before in solo sets and other girl girl sets. In face they did a hot steamy bedroom set together in which they use there fingers, tongues and more to bring each other to many orgasms while the camera is rolling to capture all the erotic escapades for us to enjoy.

While this beach set is not hardcore I thought it was a great fun shoot. It is summer time here in the States and I just spent most of the week at the beach myself. Unfortunately, I could only use my imagination to picture some of the cuties around me laughing and getting naked while playing in the surf. It would have been a lot more exciting had I stumbled across a couple of hotties like Carly and Silvie doing there thing. Oh well… at least the crew at Abby Winters is here to help fulfill my fantasies!

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Brrrrrrrr….. It is cold right now in my part of the world. It is freezing cold in fact. The local lakes are frozen and there is more than a foot of snow on the ground. While I do like my seasons I think I would love to travel to Oz right now and spend some time soaking up the southern sun on the southern hemisphere. You think the lovelies from Abby Winters would let me join them the next time the spend a lazy naked day on the river. I promise to be good. I will even inflate their tubes and happily apply any sunscreen they may need. Yup… I think that will do it… spending some time frolicing with eight girls from abby winters…. good times right there I tell you!

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It is time to have some sexy fun with some do-it-yourself projects with the girls of abby winters. So grab your tool belt and put on your sexiest undergarments because we are going to join Evette, Keira and Keilyn as they take part a bed and have some sexy naked fun at the same time. If these videos were ever leaked onto one of those home makeover shows we have here in the States it would have to be “Extreme Home Makeover – Super Sexy Edition” :-)

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When the gang at abby winters hits the bookstore you know some sexy fun is bound to follow. Carly, Larissa and Caitlinn do not disappoint in this super sexy shoot. I simply have to know what selections the girls were browsing because the passion they show touching and kissing each other as they slowly undress is simply intoxicating. I think it is time for me get out from behind my computer and meander through the stacks at my local bookstore. Even if I don’t find any cuties getting naked like these three abby winters girls I am sure I can find some adorable coeds, close my eyes and relive the passion shown here over and over again!

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This abby winters video of Fae and Odette is nearly an hour of pure ecstasy. Fae and Odette are lovely curvy girls with natural furry patches of pubes surrounding their delicious pink bits. The video starts with some nice interviews in which we get to see a glimpse into the lives of these dandy ladies but once they put a porn video into their television the interview gives way to a mash of fingers touching, tongues probing and pussies throbbing. There is lots of kissing fingering, tribbing, pussy eating and even some hot ass eating as Fae rims Odette in a moment of intense passion. If these gals don’t leave you panting for more than check your pulse and call your doctor because you are probably dead.

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